About Us

As a little girl growing up in London, England, Sophie was happiest when immersed in the arts. Whether painting, sculpting, or designing theatrical costumes and fashion lines, Sophie spent hours training for a career as a cake designer – although she didn’t realize it at the time.

In 2010, Sophie met the love of her life and became engaged. It was while planning her own wedding that Sophie had her “Ah ha!” moment. Tasting cake after cake, she realized that this was what she really wanted to do – she would be a cake designer! This new found passion led to her enrollment in The Bonnie Gordon School of Confectionary Arts in Toronto, Ontario, where she successfully completed her training as a Cake Designer and received her Confectionary Arts Diploma. Sophie has received prestigious training in cities worldwide, including; Paris, France, London, England, Ottawa, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario.

Sophie’s vision as a wedding cake designer is to collaborate with her clients to create confectionary delights that reflect their romantic vision. Harmonizing her designs with the couple’s theme, décor and colour scheme is Sophie’s specialty. The fact that her creations taste as good as they look is, “The icing on the cake.”